Director of Photography I Documentary Filmmaker


Hey there, my name is Oliver Lau, I was born in England and am currently working part-time in New York and Hong Kong as a Director of Photography, Filmmaker (and also an expert grilled cheese chef on set).

My recent work include shooting feature film "Nirvenue" for Hong Kong based director Kal Ng, producing and doing cinematography for documentary "Yuen Fen" with UK director Undine Markus and my most recent NY Inter-state collaborative effort with Director Akram Shibly on Binghamton Film Initiative produced film "Project Nomadic". In collaboration with filmmaker across multiple countries I have shot over 25 indie short films, my indie documentaries on YouTube have also garnered over 60,000 views. 

I probably brew the smoothest coffee & bring some of the best snacks on set for my crew as well(Sour Patch Kids, Sun Chips, Reese's, Strawberries, Beef Jerky). 

I'm also the Director of Photography for New York's Binghamton Film Initiative, I was also a founding member of The Crew Visuals, an Asia creative collective based in Hong Kong.

Brands and companies from previous work.

        Festival Awards & Accolades 

  • James Franco Studio 4 Film Festival Best Cinematography, Audience Choice Winner"Anna".
  • 2016 SUNY-wide Film Festival - 1st Place in Fiction "Mime".
  • NY Binghamton Babylon Film Festival - Best Cinematography "Releve"
  • Buffalo International Film Festival - Jury Award WNY Best Short "Beyond the Sea". 
  • 2015 SUNY-wide Film48 film festival Binghamton -  Best Cinematography, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Directing, "Eye see stars".
  • 2015 New York State Wide University Film Festival -Grand Jury Prize winner "Fallout"
  • 2015 New York State Wide University Film Festival -Fiction Honorable Mention "Ember"
  • 2015 SUNY-wide Film48 film festival Binghamton -  Best Cinematography, Best Picture, Best Editing, Best Directing, Best Screenplay, Fan Favorite Award "Anna".
  • 2014 IFVA Asia-wide film festival Best Film & Best Cinematography (Junior Division) - "I am not a Superhero"
  • 2015 Film48 hour film festival - Best Picture, Best Cinematography winner - "Her Voice".
  • 2013 Asia-wide Hong Kong Interschool Film Festival Best Film & Best Cinematography - "男孩"
  • 2013 IFVA Official Selection - "男孩"
  • 2014 BFI 48hour Film Festival 2nd place - "Deadly Keys"

Frequent (awesome) Collaborators/Friends that help bring my vision to life on all the content/projects you see on my site.

  • Nick Maciarz : New York based 1st AC / Sound Engineer / Multi-faceted filmmaker. Contact: (
  • Jared Biunno : New York Based Producer / AD/ Another well-rounded filmmaker. Contact: (
  • Brenden Gregory : New York based Director/ Theatre Actor/ Director. Contact: (
  • Sydney Stewart : Dopest Production Designer you'll find around NYC.
  • Ethan Scarduzio : New York Based Director / Writer. Contact: (
  • Josh Wallner : Key Grip Gaff/ Boom Op. Contact: (
  • Philip Kral : Key Grip/ Gaffer. Contact: (
  • Harrison Lainhart : Camera Assistant / Extreme Sports Filmmaker / BTS shooter. Contact: (
  • Alex Leiss : Writer/ Production Designer. Contact: (